Ed Kalegi

Legendary talk show host Dick Cavett recently asked Ed: “Do you find yourself going through life saying ‘that’s Kalegi spelled the way it sounds?’ “  Not anymore, Dick.

In June 2014, Ed was selected by the Envision Radio Network to take over as host of “America Weekend,” a show which, at the time, was struggling.  It was heard in 19 cities and had difficulty finding a focused format, and strong ratings.

Over the next three weeks, Ed and the producers developed the format which would become “America Weekend with Ed Kalegi.”  Gone were the interviews of limited interest (no more chats with the Sausage King of Milwaukee) and gone was the overly stilted and serious tone of the show.  Instead, listeners would hear topics of interest, importance, and humor.  They would also begin to hear Ed have conversations with some of the biggest names in Entertainment, Politics, and Journalism.

Thus, on July 27, 2014 the retooled “America Weekend with Ed Kalegi” debuted on those same 19 radio stations.  The show caught on fast and has grown to its current 77 affiliate stations across America.  In April 2017, the show was rebranded as “The Weekend with Ed Kalegi” and continues to be one of the most successful syndicated weekend shows in Radio.

Ed has had the bug since childhood.  Back in the day, when other boys were outside playing Wiffle Ball, Ed was in his bedroom…um, studio “broadcasting” into a Radio Shack Walkie Talkie.  The target audience? Other kids and adult psychos who just happened to own the same Radio Shack Walkie Talkie and were standing no more than 37 feet from the house.

In school, when other students would answer “Name two great American men” by saying “George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln,” Ed would respond “Johnny Carson and David Letterman.”

Ed honed his on-air and hosting abilities at Rutgers University by helping create WLBS Radio (now 90.3 RLC-WVPH FM), the University’s second student radio station and by hosting his own talk show five days a week.

Ed can also be seen in some of your favorite reruns of some of your favorite TV shows such as “Law and Order,” “Law and Order SVU,” Law and Order Criminal Intent,” “Gossip Girl,” “Fringe,” and others.  On the big screen, Ed can seen doing things such as bumping into Nicole Kidman (literally….yeah I know, life is tough), driving with Kevin Kline, and making small talk with Katie Holmes. Learn what you should be searching for on Netflix and Hulu by checking out Ed's IMDB listing here.

Ed’s voice has been heard on TV hosting PBS Documentaries, as host of the sports show “Running” on the YES Network in New York and nationally on FS1. On the radio, Ed’s been heard in commercials such as national spots for Remax and, since 2011, weekday afternoons in New York City as the weather/sports/traffic personality on WBBR Bloomberg 1130. Also in the supermarket, Ed’s voice can be heard in a confused profane rage when he realizes his wife failed to write “yellow” or “spicy brown” on the shopping list next to “mustard.”  Ed's voice has also been gainfully employed by the New York Yankees (even though he's a Mets fan) and the New Jersey Devils.

Ed lives outside of New York City in New Jersey, along with his wife and son, in an undisclosed strongly guarded residential compound.

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