All About the Show

“The Weekend with Ed Kalegi”…it’s talk radio like it oughta be: engaging, entertaining, and enlightening.  It’s information and opinion mixed with humor and sensibility. Never boring, never predictable.  

It’s the show that moves away from the screaming diatribe that has taken over talk radio and even late night TV and delivers a conversation unlike anything heard today.

Filled with topics of interest and importance to the listener, everyday issues that matter, and interviews with some of Hollywood’s, some of Washington’s, and some of Media’s biggest names and personalities.  One minute, Ed's chatting with Carol Burnett, the next he's talking with Chris Matthews and Mitch McConnell. What other show can deliver that?

Life isn’t all about stone faced seriousness nor is it all about crazy comedy…it’s a blend.

Heard on both AM and FM stations, music and talk stations across America, “The Weekend with Ed Kalegi” is the show that is leading where Talk Radio and Talk Audio goes next.